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Round one fight yo what is up you guys this Gutzon welcome back to clash plans today you guys we’re gonna be playing with. The baby dragon and the dragons as you can see I have them in my army comp and you guys.

I’m gonna put some spells in here two jumps one rage and two fries and that should help us out so we got full everything let’s go ok, guys so I’ve been trying to do this for a. While I want to see just exactly how these guys pair up I might do another video just because I I don’t really think I have these guys um equaled out I think I have. Too many baby dragons and not enough regular dragons it might I. Might need like six regular dragons and then a few less of these baby dragons even though I feel the baby dragons are, super powerful by themselves and I’ve learned that’s how I oh wow you know actually I just realized right now the baby dragon and the, regular dragon together were um we’re like a pair and the baby dragon wasn’t raged up so I guess it doesn’t matter, if it’s another baby, dragon or the regular dragon that’s near the baby dragon it will still stay off of the rage mode so okay that’s, something new we learned so why don’t we attack let’s keep going I want to try and get to that air defense. That thing is such a pain and it does so much damage to my dragons ouch okay so we could keep going yes almost done the, queen is almost died dang it see that air defense is such a problem I’m gonna have, to put the king in here see if I can get to that thing in time if he goes for it I don’t know if you will, that would be bad if he doesn’t if he goes for it all, the Queen might actually pull them the Queen my pull my weight she ran now King the air. Defense the air defense okay well she’s down and my king is going down to dating at you guys we really wanted that air defense. There oh no now here comes a clan castle troops wow it’s such a bad raid maybe yeah maybe. Dragons together are not good I don’t want to just throw them all in there I want to see if it’s better to use. Them one at a time because of the baby dragons rage mode there goes another baby dragon okay. Get to that air defense please yeah you guys we got it ok finally Wow and only 50 seconds left wow I have, to rush it I wasn’t even paying attention to the time looks like it looks like we’re gonna. Have to strategize this attack a little better. It’s a pain got to figure out a way to use these baby dragons better all in all though, I feel these baby dragons and the Dragons together are a good composition let’s try and get in here really quick and see if we can take out this town hall. We got the heroes next to it and dragons and baby dragons there we got one more baby dragon let’s go put them, in there hopefully the Queen can lock on with the jumps feel right there, yep okay she locks on here we go ability deployed we, have at least one star and my dragons are going down oh yeah five seconds okay at least we got the. One star Oh get it get it yeah okay in front of towers out huh okay you guys so that is the first attack at legs go to the next one alright guys we’re back and.

We’re fighting a town hall 10 whoa. Okay let’s try and see this guy has some money whoa let’s see if we can use these troops again and maybe we might fare better let’s okay so we got our baby dragon going in. This guy’s gonna take out some stuff for us let’s see if we can go, around here and take all this stuff out now I would like to see you know i’m wondering i wonder if, the baby dragon is any good on clan castle defense, that is a question to me because we know the dragon is well the.

Baby dragons on clan castle defense might be another thing and i have to experiment with those guys as well so much to do when you, have a new troop you have to like figure out how good it is with mass units you have to figure out if it’s good on offense and defense for your client castles so, many. Things we can do with this troop and figuring out what compositions work best with it so i expect to see a lot of. Videos on this thing you guys I’m gonna test this guy out and that’s what we’re doing we’re testing out okay so I mean it doesn’t really matter too much, that the air defenses are pushing him away he stood those tons of damage there, they go they split up and here comes oh wow they actually have baby dragons in the clan castle Wow let’s oh, you know let’s let’s troll a little bit you guys let’s see if the irregular dragon does anything to these baby dragons here we go.

Now i am using the developer ipad to do this attack, so my troops are not maxed out and i mean i have tons.

Of spells and everything but i’m only gonna try and use what’s um legit in an attack so this dragon it’s not really fair i mean i don’t have a max not dragon to go against these baby dragons, which i don’t know if they’re max or not but they, seem pretty strong just to even go against regular dragons like this and my regular dragons, is doing splash damage so oh okay so two dragons to regular dragons took out three of those baby dragons or was it three regular dress I don’t even know, I have to look at the replay again but the baby dragons by themselves on clan castle um defense, are pretty dang strong you guys okay so we got our baby dragons going out we’re running. Out of time oh man we’d spit a little too much time again, messing with these clan castle troops and for around here let’s see if we can, even get to the town hall I wonder we’re going in we got Jeff’s pills going oh well it doesn’t seem like it’s doing too well for us you guys all of our baby dragons are. Hanging out together that’s wrong fire everywhere oh no mr. king where you going. We want to get to the town hall dang. It okay so we got 30 seconds left over we have some jumps bills deployed in my Queens hanging out shopping let’s see if she goes. For these infernal towers pretty good we’re gonna freeze that and over here okay mr. Queens going for it she wants money instead. Of the town hall we’re gonna have to raise her up and hopefully nope she wants the air defense Wow we might, get it we might ought she goes down she wanted too much shopping, ok lighting spell might not get it that’s ok you guys we were testing out these troops next video, we’ll try it a better composition to really do a legit attack so thank you guys for watching this is God’s Son and, I will see you next time got to know you .